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Packing your own boxes – Best Practices

Many customers prefer to pack their own boxes which saves time and money.  Please be sure to follow a few best practices to maximize the efficiencies of your effort.

  • use three pieces of tape at the top and bottom of each box to ensure they remain closed long after you are finished packing.
  • label each box on 2 sides and the top, including the room it belongs to, whether the contents are fragile, and the letters “PBO” (Packed by owner)
  • ensure that every box is filled completely to the best of your ability.  This will prevent boxes from sagging, leaning, and/or crushing when stacked and during transport.  If the contents of a box do not allow you to fill a box from wall-to-wall then use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper, or newsprint to fill in the gaps.  This should prevent the interior contents from shifting around inside.
  • When you are finished with packing a box tip the box up on one corner and listen to determine if the contents move or rattle before moving on to the next.  Any noise heard could mean that the contents are not secured well enough inside.
  • specialty boxes are available for items such as lamps, TV’s, pictures/artwork, dishes, glasses, etc.  These boxes are typically manufactured with thicker corrugated walls for the best protection and effective use of the internal space of each box.
  • When in doubt, ask one of our staff to help you with any questions about best practices or actually packing the box itself.

Still unsure?  Check out You Tube for best practices on packing boxes for a household move.


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