Milton Movers

In the 1800s Milton's economy was based on lumber.   It was so thick with underbrush that some called the community "scratch ankle".  Milton had a lot of names, "Mill Town" being one of them.  The name became what it is today "Milton".

The Confederate Army had a scorched earth retreat plan and burned down the mills after Pensacola was lost. Naval Air Station Whiting Field was built by prisoners of war during WWll.

Wikipedia says "At the 2000 census,[3] there were 7,045 people, 2,674 households and 1,831 families residing in the town". Three-quarters of the homes, house families.  A quarter of the population is children.  The median family income is a little over $44,000.



By Ebyabe - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link