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  1. Check the floor obstacles. Are obstacles and dangers present?  A high sill? A stair banister weak? A carpet loose? Difficult steps to get down from the porch. Make sure that the team is aware of the obstacles.
  2. Check the turns for ease of turns and "squeezing". Make sure that any tight turns are noted and that the team is aware of them.
  3. Check for value.  If a washer dryer is very expensive they need care.  Some homes have high-value items only.  If this is the case, go slower.  Make sure that 100% of all "carries" are secure and strapped, and wrapped.
  4. The team leader is responsiable for all carries whether or not he is present at the carry.  This means that he stops the mover from moving things that he is not confident of the abilty of the mover to move by himself.
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