Owner Operators

After 30 trucking days, the Owner Operator is eligible to receive a Comdata card. The prepaid card enables discounts and the ability to receive funds via code.

The Owner Operator may request the Carrier to fund the pre-paid card with Owner Operator funds. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the funds to be available at Comdata and the fee that Comdata charges for transfer into the prepaid fuel card is charged back to the Owner Operator.

For Owner/Operators with 1 truck, there is a $0 monthly charge for one Comdata card. Each additional card is $25 per month.

Because an active Comdata fuel card provides access to money codes, and a variety of discounts, we recommend that O/O keep a card, even if not using it regularly.

We recommend that the O/O keep a balance and deposit 20-30% of their disbursements to the pre-paid cards.

Fleet Owners

We provide prepaid Com Data cards for the drivers. The fees Comdata charges are passed through to the Fleet Owner.

The Carrier monthly charge per card is $25. This charge includes 5 transactions. If transactions are exceeded, additional charges of $25 per transaction are accrued. The fleet owner is provided a shared spreadsheet where each card is listed and the amounts to be deposited into the various Com Data cards/ accounts. Reports are provided once a week. If an occasional interim report is needed, no charge. If daily reports are needed, a small administrative charge per report is assessed.