Foley AL

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Foley provides the primary shopping area for the Alabama Gulf Coast. It contains outlet centers (notably the Tanger Mall), big boxes like Lowe’s and Home Depot, restaurants and more.

Foley is host to many attractions and “things to do”.  A favorite is the Annual Arts Festival.  The movers and shakers of Foley don’t miss a move.  This is their 41st year of holding the Festival.  People come from far and wide to see the art, unpacked and on display.  Even the set up is interesting, because flocks of  artists  appear, seeming out of nowhere, to move their art with small trucks, vans and SUVs, while renewing friendships.  When the the trucks arrive,  the  furniture, carvings, and other items are moved and carefully unpacked for display.  The crafts and arts range in price from not much to a whole lot.  There is something for everybody.

You have to come and see for yourself.   A favorite beverage is freshly squeezed lemonade, squeezed right in front of you and served on crushed ice.  The bright yellow of the lemons, the cheery citizens of Foley operating the cart,  and the gentle weather makes great memories.

If you like gentle weather, friendly people, interesting art, music and food come to the “Art in the park” festival at the John. B. Foley Park.