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Home Inventory

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Be ready for floods, fire, theft, wind damage by having your belongings inventoried.  If something happens, your information is safely in the cloud so that your insurance agent can see the before and after. It is good practice to keep an inventory of your belongings.  Joanna’s Movers will get you started by taking 5o pictures during our free estimate visit.  Next we will post these pictures for you to  free home inventory software.   For $50, we take the photos, organize them, set up your account, upload the pictures, and send you your unique log on information via email.  Once you receive the log on information, change your password and you have a great start to your own home inventory.  If you want Joanna’s Movers to input your complete home inventory, let us know and we will give you a firm price for taking the photos, writing the detailed descriptions and inputting the data.  The Insurance Information Institute offers free online home inventory software.  (https://www.knowyourstuff.org/iii/login.html?brand=iii)

Dashboard of the Insurance Information Institutes Home Inventory System
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