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Box Inventory

Joanna’s Movers offers our “Box Inventory” system.  This is perfect for long term storage because you can find your things quickly and easily.   We number and title each box (e..g. Kitchen 001) on all six sides with a permanent marker and list each item in the box with a short description: (e.g. White Kitchen-Aid Mixer) on a typed spreadsheet that we make from our handwritten notes.  We save the spreadsheet to an easily readable format (PDF) and email it to you.  (If you like spreadsheets, we will send you a searchable inventory Excel spreadsheet.)

Viola! You know where each item is and the search for them as the years go by remains pretty easy!  If you have a very large inventory, inquire about our database service.  Our two person team is fast.  First box is free so you can see how we do.  After that standard hourly rates apply.

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