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Record Scanning Service

Medical Record Scanning Service

The US Department of Health and Human Services publishes sample contract provisions for Business Associate Contracts at:


These provisions for the safekeeping and compliance for vendors called “Business Associates” provide the contract language for compliant contracts and activities. If the client desires to go forward, Joanna’s Movers (Business Associate) prepares a contract that incorporates the language of the provisions so that the clients HIPPA practices are in full compliance with regulations.

We scan the stored paper documents into Portable Document Files (PDF) with optical character recognition, and then tag each document with the “metadata” that the customer chooses. The customer name, chart number, and date might be some of the searchable metadata tags. We propose to bring our equipment to the site and work on or off site, as you prefer. Either way, the chain of custody of the documents is clear. We review each scan for clarity, consistency and meta-tags. Once the work is complete, we provide our work in duplicate, on two neatly organized drives. If you prefer a cloud-based solution, please let us know.

Upon review and acceptance of the work, Joanna’s Movers destroys the paper documents with shredders and bags the refuse for recycling.

We do not know the condition of your files. If records are in good condition and the tagging is simple (First Name, Last Name and Medical Record ID Number), then the price per image is eight cents. If the records are not in good condition or if the tagging is extensive, the price could be as high as twelve cents per image. Each job is unique and the final price could be more or less depending on your requirements and the condition of the documents, and the travel for the scanning team. (We are least expensive in Baldwin, Escambia, and Mobile Counties and competitive in other areas).

As an estimate of cost, most medical charts are about 50 images. About $5.00 per medical chart is a good “guess.”

We charge for the drives and an initial mobilization fee at contract execution and bill once every two weeks for work completed. This is a great way to transform your records for easy access and eliminate off-site storage.

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