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Join our Team

“I’m looking for a few good men to join our team.”

Our moving teams represent Joanna’s Movers to the customers.

Our moving plan is simple. Neat and clean, responsible and smart, able-bodied workers get the moving job done neatly and responsibly.  The customers are happy and make referrals.  More customers come and more work is  available

If you work in Mobile, Pensacola, Gulf Shores, Foley or in the surrounding areas; think about part-time work on an as needed basis with Joanna’s Movers. Joanna’s pay is great.

Qualifying for the team requires:

  1. The team member is interested and able to help move furniture, boxes, pack and drive on a part-time basis.
  2. The applicant works as a fireman, policeman, oil rig worker, or another job that requires drug testing and criminal background checks and is interested in earning money with Joanna’s Movers on their off-duty rotation.

Joanna’s Movers is an elite, fun place to work.  Winner of Angie Awards, lots of positive comments, and years of experience means that we take care of customers, and customers take care of us.

If you are qualified and would like to know more about the supplemental work, please send an email or give us a call.  We’ll send you a “standard application”, have a meeting to meet.  If everything is good, next we’ll arrange training.

This is fun because the reward of moving people is tangible.  They are happy to get moved without a hassle.  Some leave tips too.



“I want you” (to Join our Elite Reserve Moving Team)

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