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Personal Action to Know our customer

One of our best attributes is that we take the time to personally know our customers.  We call this the Personal Action to Know our customer or PAK plan.

We PAK our customers as carefully as we pack chinaware.

Please take a minute and tell us your moving plan

What is your end goal?

It matters how we pack things and furniture as to how long it is staying in Storage, the distance of the transport, and many other details that affect the quality of the final result.

Example Answers: Our goal is to pack two pods and in a couple of weeks transport them to Maine.  Or, we want to have the things out of the home while we paint and then put them back in.

Why this matters

Different kinds of work for you.  Packing for the long haul is different than packing to stay in place

Who is the customer (the bill payer)?

Example answers: On the phone with you now.  Or it is my mother who is paying, but she does not live here.

Why it matters

By DOT regs we must tell the paying customer certain things about her move or pack

Perfection, we strive for it.

We expect things to go perfectly but if there is a problem (rare but possible) we have a procedure

How the deposits work

When the money is due

Who signs the agreement.

The protections go to the paying customer who then passes them to her daughter.  We want you to know about insurance, protection, and care.


There is a big difference in values of furniture and things.  For example, a dining room table might be worth $100 or $10,000.  We need to know what to bring in the way of equipment, gloves, lifting straps and more.

Identifying antiques is important because this takes a conversation with the Full Value insurance provider.

A bit about you.

Are you retired where it is easy to be there?  Or do you need us to work around your schedule?

Contact information, Moving is one of the more stressful things in life.  Our "Peace of Mind" move helps, but it is still stressful.  Please make sure that we have good contact info.

Credit Card Payments

Paying large expenses by credit card is expensive.  Up to $500, there is no credit card processing fee.  But higher dollars up to $3,000 charge a 2% fee.  Above $3,000 is a 3.5% processing fee (we pay a little more than 3.5%).

If you can pay by check or cash and save the fees it is great for you.


We like to learn your expectations about the move.  Why?  We want a 5-star review that says we met and exceeded your expectations 🙂

We are all about customer service and caring for our customers. Our workers are trained and capable"

We have great information, (DOT requires us to provide) on this link. http://joannasmovers.com/important-documents/  These DOT required documents include:

    1. Ready to move Brochure
    2. Your Rights and Responsibilities when you Move
    3. Arbitration - Hope it is never needed - but if so, this is a great program because it is impartial and inexpensive.  
    4. Full Value Insurance.  We offer full value insurance or the standard insurance of cents a pound.  Looking forward to explaining the various insurance options with you.

Don’t worry we won’t give you a test, but we do want you to have these documents and if you have any questions, we love to answer questions.

  1. Please allow about 10 min for the lead mover to go over the conditions, paperwork, and inventory before starting a job.  The lead mover looks for tight corners, loose sills or steps, heavy furniture, delicate things, the distance to carry, inventory, and paperwork.  It just takes a few minutes to be certain that everything is good to go. One final check to make sure about supplies too. Kind of like the checklist that the pilot makes before starting the airplane.


  1. We use an e-quote system.  It allows you to email us your agreement with the moving estimate.  Please let us know if you have any questions about the moving estimate.


  1. Estimates within 30 miles of the Foley AL Post Office are calculated as local moves. Local moves are not flat rates.  Local moves are billed by the hour. A three-hour minimum applies for two men and a moving truck. If we know the inventory and see the job, our moving estimate is guaranteed to be within 10% of the quote.  If we have not seen the location and or do not know the inventory, the job is based on labor hours only.


Ask us about supplies

  • Moving Blankets
  • Tape
  • Plastic shrink wrap
  • Boxes and More


Standard Service:

  1. 100% of the time, 24/7 you can call the office and someone with authority is available.
  2. 100% of the time we care about your move, your things, and always want to meet or exceed expectations.


We love to have your business and appreciate the opportunity to move you.


+1 (888) 724-6606 | 251-216-7200 | Fax 205-539-1033

SCAC JNMV | MC 097693 | U.S. DOT No. 3138641

10 Lagoon Drive, Gulf Shores, AL 36542


PS: A note about tipping - Tipping is allowed (certainly not required or necessary).  if you feel like you received stellar service some tip, some don’t it is up to you. Here is a good article: https://www.mymovingreviews.com/move/how-much-to-tip-movers/   

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