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Packing, Loading and Unloading – What to Expect

Moving is one of the top three most stressful events in life. (For stress relief, see the video at the bottom of this page). Life as you know it is changing and there are many things to do.  On the list of things to do is to pack all of the small things in your home tightly into labeled boxes.

We can help you.  Joanna’s Movers has a variety of packing boxes and materials in her store.  Quality products with great prices delivered to your door.  Take a minute, check out the store, save the hassle (and cost) of going out to purchase your supplies.  Get them early.  For many of us, it takes a couple of weeks of packing time because we have day jobs and are tired when we get home and therefore the packing does not go as quickly as one might think.

With everything packed before the movers arrive, it will be a smoother experience than if you and your family are packing as the movers are loading.  If Joanna’s Movers arrive and you are not fully packed, it may be the most efficient use of time to allow Joanna’s Movers to help you finish packing before we start loading the truck.  Of course, if you have just a few items left, then you may do that, but if you have a “bunch” left to go, let us help you pack.  It is safer for your things and your peace of mind.

Now that everything is packed, it is time to load the truck.  Joanna’s Movers starts with the most fragile boxes because we can use the “attic” of the truck to full extent and fill the first part to the brim.  If you have plastic wrap or a mattress bag, we will wrap or bag your mattress and use it to cordon off the boxes to make sure that they do not shift during the move.  The next step is a mixture of large, medium and small items put together like a high stakes game of Tetris.  Our goal is to pack the truck so tightly that we do not need tie downs.  We tie down anyway, as we want your belongings to arrive in the same condition as they were loaded.  Please make sure that tie-downs are on hand.

This makes unloading sensible.  The big items come out and put in place while your home is empty with plenty of space to maneuver.  Then the medium items come out, and last the boxes go into the appropriate rooms.  Joanna’s Movers will leave your home completely setup or staged in such a way that you are able to unpack yourself without hazardous conditions.

Here is a beautiful video called “Gratitude” by Moving Art.

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