DOT requires a complete application.

Find the application here


The customized contract is sent by DocuSign.

Lease On Document

DOT requires a leased on status document in the truck.

Sent by DocuSign

Short Term Lease

The short term lease enables the insurance to be effective, immediately.

Sent by Docusign

Unit Information

DOT requires JM Logistics to know the details of all rolling stock.

Fill out the details here


W-9 is required for income reporting.

The source of the W-9 is DocuSign.


Fill sign and email to

MVR Release

MVR release form is required by the DOT

It is sent by DocuSign

Driver’s License, Medical Card

DOT requires the Carrier to have a copy of the Driver’s License and Medical Card on file.

Email a copy to

Clearing House

Join the drug consortium, as required by DOT.

Fee is $150.  You can pay the fee here:

Next, Call Dustin Osborne, and tell him it is for JM Logistics
US Compliance Services
1-877-405-5003 ext.327

Truck Marking Files

Legal Carries require proper truck marking.  Truck markings may be ordered via:  Dustin Osborne, US Compliance Services, 1-877-405-5003 ext.327 or emailing

Alternatively, please click on links below and download.

Reporting and Communication

A free app, called “Timestamp Camera” s available free, in the App Store or Play Store.  We use this app to photograph and timestamp all documents.

Macro point and other similar software is required by many of our customers.