Pay Arrangements

How to use the time clock

Joanna's movers pay a 2-hour minimum.  If you get called to a job and it takes, says 45 minutes.  Your pay is still 2 hours. 

Please measure the time for working.  Measure the time for riding in the truck.  Count the miles traveled from Foley to get to the job if it is more than 20 miles.

Please clock in when you get to the job in your own transportation.  If the transport distance is more than 20 miles from Foley, we may, at our discretion, provide gas money (usually do).  Gas money is not the same as pay.  We are working on the gas and transport costs and expect to have something solid in place by Dec 1 2018,

Clock out when you get into the truck and immediately clock back in.  We sometimes pay differently for travel time than for moving labor and need to know the travel times for our sales force and estimating too.

When you get to the unload site, clock out and then back in.  This starts the labor of unloading.  The same thing goes if you have to ride the truck back to your transportation.




























































Joanna's Movers = Top pay for Five-Star Movers

Joanna's Movers, Wage Graph

Transition To time cards

Transitioning to the Homebase timekeeping system in November 2018. for November 2018 pay is made on each Friday.  It includes all work up through Wednesday.

Please confirm the hours that are sent on Wednesday,  We pay with the cash app to 1099 employees or with direct deposit.  Direct deposit must be made on Wednesday to allow the bank to process and deposit into your account on Friday.


Time Cards

  1. To receive payment, all 1099 information must be in the file.  Please be patient, the systems may require us to ask again.  But we cannot pay 1099 people without their information in the file.
  2. If you have the information request, please fill out the form found
  3. To receive payment your time card in Homebase must be accurate and agreed.  Please inform if there is an error.
  4. Expect everyone who clocks in and out to use the software accurately. Inaccurate time cards may delay your payment.