The Load number is the Money Number

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Use the load number or money number in the subject line to avoid mistakes and get paid on time.

Each email must have in the subject line, the money #. Otherwise mostly known as the load number. If you receive a rate confirmation, it is your job to put the load number in the subject line of the email.

Everyone wants to get paid on time. To get paid on time, the office must deliver the proof of delivery, and Invoice and the rate confirmation to the customer.

In order to get paid, we have to submit clear, indisputable paperwork showing

  • Time In (use the app found here )
  • Time Out (Use the app found here)
  • Load Number (See the examples above for the money/load#)
  • Signed BOL (Use the app found here to photo the BOL)
  • It is also important to protect ourselves by photographing what we pick and drop (particularly trailers). If no paperwork is available, photos become the paperwork.
Texting does not work for an office. Text messages for Proof of delivery are not processed because the billing clerk does not see them. We charge the texter for handling text messages. Emails ( are necessary for billing.