Whether paid by the mile, salary or percentage of the load, professionalism is the common denominator.  

Professional Behavior

  • Building others up is a key to happiness and success. A positive mental attitude, optimism and kindness keep the relationships good. Good relationships are part of commanding higher pay. If you like low drama, good loads, and a friendly office, call us.
  • Disparagement, aggressive behavior, and unkindness in any form or said in social media platforms are not tolerated at JM Logistics. Penalties can be as much as $5,000. If you have anger management issues, or get frustrated easy, JM Logistics is not for you.

Obey 100% of DOT regulations. 

The average out of service inspection rate for drivers is less than 6%. Professional drivers care about their reputation. The driver’s reputation affects the company’s ability to get work . It affects the driver’s ability to get work too. The long standing benefit of a good reputation outweighs any short term gain by being out of compliance.

At the companies discretion, financial penalties may apply for being out of compliance.


Pre inspections make sense. It is a good rule to perform proper pre-inspections. Pre-inspections are required, as part of your ELD records. We require pre-inspections and ELD logs as a pre-requisite for payment.

Pre Inspections include

Air pressure
Lug nuts
Power steering and power steering fluid
Emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers
Air brakes
Air compressor and air lines
Turn signals / brake lights / high beams
Fuel tank / check for leaks
Parking brakes / trailer brakes
Shock absorbers
Drive shaft
Fluid levels (oil level, coolant level)
Windshield wipers

ELD Compliance

(source – shorturl.at/ijGN3)

CSA scores impact the ability of the carrier to get customers.

Insurance costs (passed to the O/O and fleet owners go up with poor scores.

Financial fines for ELD non compliance can be $1,214 PER DAY.

ELD fines can be $10,450 to the person.

Can be placed out of service.

Owner operators may use their own ELD, or the company system. If a driver falsified his ELD, or willfully breaks the ELD mandate, then the company may, at its own discretion, terminate, forfeit pay, or impose penalties.  In all cases, the Driver is responsible for all fines associated with ELD violations.