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Introduction: Joanna's Movers keeps a list of storage units on its website as a convenience to people that look for storage and moving at the same time.  We hope from time to time you get renters because of our listings.

We'd like to find out more, so that we can do a better job showing your property.  We'll email you a link once we have things set up and you are welcome to use the link.  Joanna's movers work closely with storage units and we'd also like to come by and introduce our selves, and, if you want, drop off some business cards. We have, we think, over the past five years earned one of the best reputations for a local moving business in Baldwin County.

So, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Name Of Unit





Name of Units

Name of Who to call if we get a prospect

Phone #

Email Address

Photos go here.  They can email photos for the directory at [email protected]  Send as many as they want. If they don't want to send, we will put a street view photo here.

Please Check the website first, this information might be listed.

Pricing Schedule - there are 5 main rent types

5x5     Climate controlled # _____, $____ Non Climate Controlled # ______, $_____

5x10   Climate controlled # _____, $____ Non Climate Controlled # ______, $_____

10x10 Climate controlled # _____, $____ Non Climate Controlled # ______, $_____

10x15 Climate controlled # _____, $____ Non Climate Controlled # ______, $_____

10x20 Climate controlled # _____, $____ Non Climate Controlled # ______, $_____


Availability - (Circle one)

Waiting list,

No waiting list but tight,

plenty of room

(Circle one) If they don't mind, how many units are vacant? _______.  How many units do they have


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