Front to back and side to side, the load is evenly balanced. The load is tightly packed. Tight packing gives the cargo less room to shift. It maximizes the space in the truck; tight packing is safer.

Before arriving at the shipper, move the things in the truck out of the way. When arrived at the shipper’s yard, unlock and open the door. If allowed on the dock, after backing up to the door. Remove the items on the truck and get them out of the way. If not allowed on the dock, make the request that the truck is filled starting at the head-ache wall and packed tightly. Ask that they at a minimum, take the pallet jack off the truck prior to loading. If allowed on the dock, empty the truck of belongings. Take off the pallet jack, remove the blankets, tools, and personal items.

Oversee the loading of the freight. Some loaders are particular and care about safe freight. Others do not. It is the driver’s responsibility to have safe and secured freight. If you see a loader about to damage the truck , do not let them. If they do damage the truck, take time stamped photos. alert the office.

When complete send the office photos of the freight on board, before they seal the door.

LOCK the door, in addition to the seal. LOCK the door if there is no seal. Take a photo of the seal where the numbers are easily read.