Apple: Time Stamp Camera Free
Android: Timestamp Camera Free

Timestamp Camera is the best(maybe only) app to add timestamps to new photos and videos.


Good documentation leads to paid bills and avoids finger pointing. Reduces insurance claims, and is well-liked by all administrators.

JM Logistics offers Shippers and Receivers loads on time. Loads in good condition. Penalties accrue for late deliveries, and picks. Our defense against unwarranted charges, and to receive detention pay is to document with the camera, when we get there, when we leave, and if helpful, the condition of the equipment and freight.

Once, this year, JM Logistics was told about a claim to come for damaging a trailer. We had the photos. The claim disappeared in minutes.

Our non-pay rate from customers is near low because our documentation is good.

Brokers and customers want to know when we arrive and when we leave. Photos make it easy.

Note: While texting is good for casual things, it does not work well for an office. Email to